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Scarves from Erfurt

Erfurt luxury accessories was in 1997 establish by the danish designer Lotte Erfurt. From the start the idea was to design collections of scarves to the fashion-conscious woman who wanted extraordinary high quality. Since 1997 a lot has happened to the Aarhus based scarf company. Today Erfurt also provides a men’s scarf collection. Erfurt scarves has in addition oppened stores in major danish cities and is a well known brand in Skandinavia. At e-scarf we have chosen the very best of the Erfurt designs


Scarves from Maya Scarves

The classical danish brand Maya scarves is a company with a long and proud history. Maya scarves has grown well know in Denmark for their design and the quality of the scarves. Maya scarves can be found in major danish fashion stores and can also be found in other Skandinavian countries. When you as a customer buy a scarf from Maya scarves you are guarenteed satisfaction with both reasonable prices and high quality. Here at e-scarf we have a large collection of the Maya scarves.


Scarves from New Fashion

New fashion is a danish designing company that mainly designs scarves. New Fashion scarves has existed since 1972 and has since then achieved a solid reputation within scarf designing. New Fashion started out as a small shop in Copenhagen where they sold scarves and other goods from the far east. New Fashion is well know throughout Skandinavien but the scarves from the danish company has also reached Europe.


Scarves from Levinsky

Levinsky scarves is a Danish fashion company, which sells scarves and other kinds of accessories throughout Scandinavia.
The brand has a great passion for exquisite materials, beautiful colors and beautiful accessories of high quality, and has extensive experience of what's hot and not. This passions shines through the designs of the scarves making them unique and beautiful. At e-scarf you will find the most popular and best designs from the scarf company.



Codello, worldclass german designer scarves

The Codello scarves Collection stands for fashion accessories which set trends. Codello is a legandary German fashion and accessories brand. The collections is made of fine works of textile art which make women and men look even more beautiful. The must-have scarves are made from exclusive materials as silk, cashmere and leather, awaken the desire within, simply… “too beautiful”. Each season brings new unique scarves in all kind of different models, designs and materials providing you with authentic accessories in the best quality. At e-scarf it is naturally for us to provide you with these high end scarves and we have chosen the very best of them

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